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Brookwood Hall Playground

Brookwood Hall Brookwood Hall, the home of Islip Town's recreation department, features a small playground on the shore of Knapps Lake.

Brookwood Hall
Brookwood Hall Park has a number of facilities, including a senior center, carriage house, tennis courts and a playground. There is a large and paved parking lot near the town offices in Brookwood Hall, and there's a bit of a walk down to the shore of the lake where the playground is located. The Brookwood Hall building itself is a little creepy -- it's large and imposing and looks pretty decrepit from the exterior (boarded up windows, peeling paint, etc.). The usually-empty playground in the Hall's backyard gives a 'sneaking onto an old estate' vibe that's kind of fun.

Brookwood Hall
The playset at Brookwood is small, with three slides and a pair of tunnels to explore. There's one ladder climb and a standing rocker. The play surface is a soft sand, and the area is not fenced in.

Brookwood Hall
A pair of anchored rockers sit beside the playset. There are a few benches around the playground, and many tables at an adjacent picnic area. Lots of trees around the park provide ample shade in the summer. The proximity to the lake means that this is a popular spot with ducks and geese, so watch your step...

Brookwood Hall
Knapps Lake does provide a scenic setting for this playground, and despite its location just off Montauk Highway it's a pretty quiet spot. There is a small floating dock for launching canoes and kayaks onto the lake, although you'll have to portage your own vessel down to the shore.

Brookwood Hall
Brookwood Hall casts its shadow over the swingset, which features two standard and two toddler swings. This is an older set with bare chains, but the rubber swings are in good condition. The south side of the park, as you get close to Montauk Highway, is the home of a pair of baseball fields and some large open areas with a walking trail.

Brookwood Hall Park

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