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Hank Zebrowski Park

Hank Zebrowski Park The playground at Hank Zebowski Memorial Field in Montauk is a fun (and free) spot to stop and expend a little energy with kids after a long trip out east.

Hank Zebrowski Park
Located just north of the traffic circle in the village of Montauk, there's one thing that grabs your attention immediately when you see the playground at Hank Zebrowski Park: the large canopy that shades most of the playground equipment. This may be a small playset, but that definitely works to the park's advantage when you're seeking a little shade.

Hank Zebrowski Park
The highlights of this playground are the tall slide and the many climbs throughout the set. A lillypad bridge connects the rear platform, with its wire climbs and monkey bars, to the front platform where the slide is located. Depending on the time of day that you're visiting, the whole area may be shaded by the aforementioned canopy.

Hank Zebrowski Park
There's a very challenging climbing wall to get onto the slide platform. The standard foot holdings make their way up a nearly vertical board with a chain to hold onto while making the ascent. There was a total under-five crowd there during our visit, so this piece of equipment didn't get much play, but older kids would find this to be an entertaining part of an otherwise younger-skewing playset. The surface at Hank Zebowski Park is wood mulch, which is soft enough for most falls but maybe not so much if you took a tumble off of this climbing wall.

Hank Zebrowski Park
There is yet another climb, this time an alpine stairs, to approach the slide from the rear. This one is a little better suited to younger kids, who find it a fun and challenging climb. The slide itself is a long slidewinder, with a few bumps along the way that gives a fast ride. For those who would rather skip all the climbing, there is also a stairway up to this slide.

Hank Zebrowski Park
There is one swingset at Hank Zebrowski Park, with three standard swings and one toddler swing. The toddler swing is a molded plastic, which gives a little better support for very young children than the ubiquitous rubber swing. The chains are coated, and the whole set is in good condition. If you've got kids that are in that in-between stage where they're just getting comfortable on standard swings, this set has an excellent standard swing that is very low to the ground, making it easy to get on and off for little legs.

Hank Zebrowski Memorial Field is the home of a well-kept baseball field that is a very popular spot for softball games and the like. It has public restrooms and decent amount of parking right next to the park. Obviously on summer weekends, parking can get a little tough to find in Montauk, but we had no problem during our midweek visit. If you decide to walk around a bit and are looking for some lunch, Village Pizza on Main Street in Montauk may make the best pie on Long Island. There are many other casual dining options, and of course there's the beach and the lighthouse.

Hank Zebrowski Memorial Field

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