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Cedar Beach Park

Cedar Beach Cedar Beach park in Mount Sinai is on a wide swath of rocky north shore beach and features a very scenic playground.

*NOTE: There is a new playground at Cedar Beach Park. An updated review will be posted soon.

Cedar Beach
Cedar Beach is located right on the shore, just east of Port Jefferson off of North Sea Road. There are two large and paved parking lots that are well-marked. If you're coming to visit during the summer season and are not a resident of Brookhaven, be prepared to shell out $20 to park here. Residents with town stickers may park for free.

Cedar Beach
There are two swingsets at Cedar Beach, one toddler set and one standard with four swings each. The toddler swings occupy the prime real estate: right on the edge of the beach with a great view. The swings are in very good condition, with coated chains and no-pinch handles.

Cedar Beach
There are two playsets here, one large and one small. The small set features a pavilion for taking some respite from the sun. There are three slides and a few simple climbs for little ones to get the idea of wire ladders. A tunnel extends from one slide platform to the other at parental eye level, great for peek-a-boo.

Cedar Beach
The sandy play surface here necessitates an open grid platform floor, so that too much sand doesn't build up on the play area. This is good design, but it can be rough on little toes. While kids will want to cast off their shoes and romp in the sand, it's probably best if they keep their water shoes or sandals on.

Cedar Beach
The large playset boasts many challenging climbs to go along with the three slides. The corkscrew slide, covered slide and wide standard all land right into the sand, so sandy bottoms are inevitable. From the tops of the sliding platforms, there are great views of both the beach and the marina.

Cedar Beach
The beach itself is typical for the north shore: rocky with gentle waves. The aforementioned water shoes or sandals are definitely recommended for playing in the water here. There is a public area with a small boardwalk, public restrooms and refreshments that is open seasonally. The restrooms across the street at the marina are open for a longer season, but it's kind of hit-or-miss.

Unlike many playgrounds located within beach parks, this one is right on the beach. The play area is fenced in but provides easy access to the beach for swimming or just hunting for shells. It's also a very easy walk to the car, provided you're not there on a very busy summer weekend. The views from the swings and playsets can't be beat -- even the marina side features boats moored offshore that is reminiscent of so many popular New England-themed jigsaw puzzles.

Cedar Beach

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