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Lido Beach

Lido Beach Lido Beach is the town of Hempstead's huge waterfront complex in Long Beach. There is an ocean beach, tennis, shuffleboard, softball fields, pools and a great playground.

Lido Beach
Lido Beach Park is located right on the water, off of Lido Boulevard. Parking is vast and paved, with different areas to park near the pools, picnic areas, beach huts and the playground. Non-residents of Hemsptead Town should expect to pay a large fee to park here between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but unlike many town-run beaches throughout Long Island, Lido Beach is actually worth the price of admission. Even if you never set foot on the beach, just the pool and playground complex is good for a full day of fun. You can see the huge pirate ship playset from Lido Boulevard, and once you're inside it doesn't disappoint. There are plenty of climbs and slides to explore, and it's only the first of three play areas you'll find here.

Lido Beach
The small child play area near the pirate ship features a bank of toddler swings. They've been discolored by the harsh waterfront climate, but they're in good shape with coated chains and no-pinch handles. The play surface throughout the playground is a wood mulch which is good for soft landings, but not so great for bare feet. Keep those water shoes on...

Lido Beach
A small child playset is just beside the toddler swings. There are a number of anchored rockers and three short and wide slides. The whole area is fenced in, and the raised gazebo platform makes it easy to keep an eye on kids who may spread out to different parts of the playground.

Lido Beach
The gazebo itself presents a nice spot to take a respite from the sun, and is ringed by tables for playing a game of checkers or just enjoying the ocean air while your kids play. The public restrooms are just beside the gazebo area, and there are ramps as well as stairs to get up onto the gazebo platform, making it easy to access with a stroller.

Lido Beach
The large playset is an impressive structure, with many challenging climbs and a trio of big slides that complement the two standard slides. Kids can climb throughout the playset and explore the many levels. There are even covered ramps that get kids out of the sun for a spell. Just behind this set are the standard swings, which are located over a soft composite surface. There are five swings and one handicapped Jenn Swing. This area is fenced in as well, making it easy to contain wandering kids.

Lido Beach
This set is surrounded by challenging climbs that give kids all kinds of options for getting up onto the slide platforms. There is so much to explore here that kids can easily spend an hour just on this playset. The only downside, and it's a minor one, is that the busy traffic of Lido Boulevard is audible an visible from the playground. Even that is mitigated, however, in the climbing area closest to the road by a large wooden blockade fence.

Lido Beach
Right next to the playground is the large kiddie pool. This is a large a shallow wading pool with a spray tower on one side, letting kids splash around without getting sprayed if they so choose. A very large deck surrounds the pool, making it easy to relax and keep an eye on the kids.

In addition to the great playground, Lido Beach Park features a huge picnic area, bath house, horseshoe pitch, softball field, shuffleboard courts, paddleball courts, basketball courts, bocci pitches, and volleyball courts. And then, of course, there is the beach with it's miles of white sand and ocean waves. Traffic can be an issue here, especially on summer weekends, but once you're inside Lido Beach Park, there's plenty to take your cares away.

Lido Beach Park

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