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Indian Island Park

Indian Island Park Indian Island County Park in Riverhead is a popular campground destination that also features a golf course, hiking and a small playground.

Indian Island Park
The playground at Indian Island is deep into the park. If you're just visiting for the day and not setting up camp here, you can drive right up to the playground but there's not a lot of parking. A small dirt area for cars (no more than four) sits just outside of the play area. Nothing here is paved, so if you're traveling with a stroller be prepared to push through some loose sand.

Indian Island Park
Once you're at the playground, it's a very nice setting. It has a deep-woods feel and is very quiet, especially once the camping season has come to a close. The main playset at Indian Island features three slides: a corkscrew, covered slide and a set of paired slides. There is one swingset with six standard swings -- there are no toddler swings. There are some decent climbs here, with a spiral ladder, wire ladder and a set of monkey bars. The set is easily accessible for smaller kids with ground-level stairs while being just challenging enough for older kids to climb their way up to the high platform where all three slides descend from.

Indian Island Park
Indian Island Park still has this piece of old-school play equipment, a sturdy steel climbing set fashioned like a steam engine. The play surface here is wood mulch throughout the playground. There are many picnic tables around the area, as well as a large covered pavilion with more tables. The park's campground means that there are many public restrooms available, most are in fairly good condition.

Indian Island Park is open year-round, with Suffolk County Green Key access during the summer season. In addition to the large picnicing area near the playground, there is also the "island" from the name: actually an area connected to the park that lets you walk out and enjoy a picnic surrounded by Flanders Bay.

Indian Island Park

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