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Let's Bounce N Party

Lets Bounce N Party Let's Bounce N Party in Lindenhurst is an indoor inflatable play center that is available for parties and features open play times every weekday.

Lets Bounce N Party
Let's Bounce N Party is located in the Sunrise Shopping Center, just north of Sunrise Highway on Wellwood Avenue. It can be a little tough to spot, as the front entrance does not face Wellwood. It's in a strip that backs up to the entrance, but there is a sign on the outside. Its location in a large shopping center means that parking is plentiful and fairly close to the entrance. Inside, there is a game room with a small selection of video games and a few skill games like skee-ball. This is where you'll find the coat racks as well.

Lets Bounce N Party
Let's Bounce is smaller than many of the inflatable party centers on Long Island, there are five bouncers in all. They all feature slides, and one is intended for smaller children. The 'small' one is not small at all -- it features a big bounce floor with an obstacle course and a short slide.The low walls make it easy to keep an eye on little ones who are bouncing inside.

Lets Bounce N Party
Across the room and at the other end of the play spectrum is the bungee run, where kids can don a harness attached to a bungee cord on the wall and see how far they can run. Hilarity ensues when they reach the tethers end and get yanked backwards across the bouncy surface. This is strictly for the older kids, but when it's not in use it is still an attractive and exceptionally large bounce floor.

Lets Bounce N Party
The three inflatables in the rear are different variations on the tall slide. One is just a straight ladder and slide combo, while another has a jungle theme with an enclosed bounce floor adjacent to the slide. The third has more room to explore, with a challenging obstacle course that leads to the slide. The whole unit looks something like a tugboat. As with the other large slides, the ceiling had to be modified to accommodate the height. Be aware that the boat bouncer's obstacles present a dense playspace, so very small children should be discouraged from climbing aboard.

Speaking of small children, the space is equipped with a number of plastic Little Tykes-like toys that will occupy young siblings while the older ones get bouncy. There is plenty of open space down the middle, and there are colorful padded floor tiles to cushion any falls. Parents who like to get some rest while their children run around, however, will be disappointed by the lack of seating.

Let's Bounce N Party is open Monday through Friday for open play from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Unlike other bounce centers that have strict play times, Let's Bounce allows you to come in and pay for a two-hour play time whenever. The staff was very helpful during our visit and didn't seem to be in a rush to lead people out when the two-hour mark was approaching. The cost is $12 for the first child, and half for siblings. They also feature night time hours for tweens and teens as well as a dropoff service for parents who would like to go out for some dinner while their kids play. Times vary and reservations are required, see their website for details.

Let's Bounce and Party

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I think your place is a great place for children. My children had a great time. Thank you and K.A.

This was a great place for my 7 & 3 yr old. They had a special $10 for the first kid, $5 for the next, so $15 for 2 hrs of play was a deal. It was clean & we were not rushed. There was bench seating & a pleasant enviroment. I was so pleased I will be having my 3yr olds party there in Oct. as their party price was also super!

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